Guidelines for our members


NOTE : Rules can and will be modified in ] FiB [. New situations arise and need to be addressed all the time,

] FiB [ Reserve the right to add or modify these rules at any time.

so to prevent disputes everyone is advised to update themselves regularly.

These rules are written so as to maximize everyones interactive enjoyment and to protect the activeness and the survival of ] FiB [

• General Rules

1) ] FiB [ is about having fun online with others in and out of the Clan, if you’re not having fun, take a break and come back later.

2) The minimum age to become member of ] FiB [ is 18 years old

3) You must play online at least once a week with other members or allies in order to keep your active status in ] FiB [. If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, please inform the Division Leader(s) via e-mail.

4) Cheating is not tolerated. If a member is caught cheating by another member, and is proven beyond reasonable doubt, the person accused will automatically be dropped from the Clan. If a member is accused of cheating by anyone else in the gaming community, an investigation will follow with the accused and the accuser. If your account is used by someoneelse its the same as cheating and you have to leave FiB to…

5) All members must have the full version of the games.

6) All members will carry the Call sign ] FiB [ at the front of their game name.

7) All members will show respect to fellow members, players, allies and all other clans/squads and gaming groups.

8) All members that receive an email from any Leader requesting a reply or contact, must do so unless notice is given that a reply is not necessary.

9) All members and recruits must have their game name listed on the website and e-mail address so that all members and recruits will know who they are.

10) All recruits and returning absent members shall have a minimum 1 game together with at least 2 Clanleaders before they are accepted with active member status.

11) Donations to other clans or groups are forbidden.

* Breaking of rules will result in a strike; 3 strikes and you are released from the Clan.

• Courtesy Rules

*None of the following will result in a strike but are only courteous

1) Please speak so that others will know what you are saying (i.e.; language)

2) Please let others know that you are going AFK (Away From Keyboard) or leaving the game or TeamSpeak

3) Please apologize for TK’s (Team Kills)

4) Please remember that some of us have children that might be near by so please watch your language and ask if kids are near by before getting to abusive.

• Competition :

1) All members who wish to compete in ladders and tourneys are encouraged to do so.

2) All members that compete must have active member’s status unless otherwise granted permission.

3) If you sign up for a match, you must be online and on voice comm. with the other members no later than 10 minutes before the start, a one hour pre-practice session is encouraged, so as to fix any hardware/software problems encountered.

4) Disrespect is not and will not be tolerated during any match.

5) If you sign up for any match, whether it is a ladder match, tourney, or a clan -vs- clan match, and you are unable to make the match, notice must be given to the organizer(s) no later than 4 hours before the match (this time helps the organizers to find a replacement).

6) If you are participating in any match or tourney, you must stay the duration of that match or tourney unless an emergency a rise’s

7) If you have given notice that you will be in the match or tourney, you must show up unless an emergency arises

** Breaking of the competition rules will result in a strike

** Any member breaking the above rules for competition will not be allowed to compete in the next 2 matches.

Clan Structure :

] FiB [ Leader :

Secure the future of ] FiB [ and maintain the rules.

] FiB [ Council

They decide whats going on and have to change in ] FiB [. Mostly our donaters. They can also recruit members…

] FiB [ Members :

All members of ] FiB [ are encouraged to be active and help when required or asked.

All active members are required to be part of an active section.

Non Active Members :

We understand that you don’t have the time for gaming. This is why we ask being honest to ] FiB [ . You need a break… just say it…If you’re not online for 6 months without telling us whats going on you will automatic get kicked out ] FiB [ and Gametracker. Its not posseble anymore to become a member of ] FiB [ again


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