Hello friends,

We’re a team of gamefriends and we play FPSgames like…

Call of Duty Black ops 1 and 2

DayZ Standalone


If you play another fpsgame you’re also welcome…and invite your friends.This team is not build for competition but to find people who like the same game as you. If you become a full member…this is what you get

-Private teamspeak

-Private website


-Official registration on gametracker

-The full support of our team and admins

-We kick players on the public servers to get ] FiB [ members in

-You can go for the competition , we will support you.

-Donaters will have a password protected slot on the servers

-You meet other gamers and games

-You will learn how to build your own clan 😉 

-You have an idea? Tell us , we listen to you….


Friends in Battle

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