NOTE : Rules can and will be modified in ]FiB[ . New situations arise and need to be addressed all the time,] FiB [ Reserve the right to add or modify these rules at any time.

So to prevent disputes everyone is advised to update themselves regularly.

These rules are written so as to maximize everyones interactive enjoyment and to protect the activeness and the survival of this server

-Show respect for al players ( no names , no disrespect ) ( first time kick ,second time banned )

-Show respect for members of “Friends in Battle” ] FiB [ ( banned )

-Show respect for Admins ( banned )

-Dont use rockets or launchers on players ( autokick )

-No second chance or RCXD  ( autokick )

-No recruiting ( first time kick ,second time banned )

-No spam ( first time kick ,second time banned )

-No cheats ( banned )

-No hacks ( banned )

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